Journeys in Podcasting

01 Collaborative Spaces

January 14, 2015

Journeys in Podcasting in a project designed by Natalia Leon (third grade teacher), Diego Lopez (technology integrator), and Chris Davis (technology innovation project coordinator).  Podcasts center around an in house study of a teaching mindset or method present on our campus at Colegio Nueva Granada, and then researched beyond through discussions with experts in the topic.  These audio casts are taken from screencasts and videocasts which can be found on our Google Community or Facebook Page, Journeys in Podcasting.  Readings through our Flipboard (Journeys in Podcasting) and additional comment can also be found there.  We are continuously designing casts for new topics and invite you to take part, either by interviewing with us on a theme, or through comments on our Facebook Page or Google Community.  

In our first Podcast of the year, Teachers and Coaches at CNG Elementary research within their school walls and then extend the inquiry beyond after a one month pilot of #steelcase equipment from #EZGO 

They critique collaborative spaces and collaborative tools - how the tools change the way students and teachers plan and collaborate. Reviewing Node Chairs, Mediascapes, #nearpod , #explaineverything , #GoogleClassroom , and #VideoNotes .